Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting: Cutting Technology for Every Material 

Waterjet cutting stands as a premier choice among cutting technologies today, renowned for its flexibility and precision. This method employs high-pressure streams of water capable of slicing through virtually any material, ranging from delicate textiles to robust metals, ensuring remarkable accuracy with negligible material wear. Hydrocut takes pride in supplying top-tier waterjet cutters from Omax and Optimax, facilitating this innovative technique across diverse applications. 

Understanding Waterjet Cutting 

This cutting technique utilizes a stream of water propelled at high pressures, capable of achieving speeds double that of sound, to penetrate materials. The introduction of an abrasive agent, like garnet sand, into the water stream enhances the cutting process, enabling the slicing through tougher substances than water alone could manage, including.

Material Versatility 

The ability of waterjet cutting to handle a broad spectrum of materials is among its key benefits. It proves effective on a variety of substrates such as:

These enabling the creation of intricate and exact shapes without compromising the material’s integrity. This adaptability renders waterjet cutting a perfect match for sectors like manufacturing, construction, among others. 

Comparative Advantages 

When measured against conventional cutting techniques such as sawing, milling, or laser cutting, waterjet cutting presents numerous advantages: 

  • No Thermal Distortion: The process generates very little heat, virtually eliminating the risk of material deformation or property alteration. This aspect is particularly beneficial for materials sensitive to heat, including plastics and glass, which can be cut without damage. 
  • Exceptional Precision: Waterjet cutting can achieve precision within 0.05 mm, allowing for the fabrication of detailed components and products without necessitating further finishing processes. 
  • Reduced Tool Wear: The absence of mechanical contact and heat significantly lowers the wear on cutting tools and materials, extending tool lifespan and minimizing maintenance and operational costs. 

Hydrocut: Your Waterjet Cutting Partner 

As a trusted supplier of waterjet cutting machinery and accessories, Hydrocut offers products from Omax, celebrated for their durability, efficiency, and reliability. Regardless of your project’s scope, we are equipped to guide you toward the optimal cutting solution. Reach out to us to discover how waterjet cutting can enhance your operational capabilities and how Hydrocut can support your objectives. 


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